SAB USA is a joint partnership between SAB, one of the leading manufacturers of RC Helicopters in the world and BK Designs LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company specializing in the design and distribution of products for the RC industry.

SAB USA was created to better manage the distribution and support of SAB products in the continental US, provide better dealer and customer support. As well as advertising, MAP pricing enforcement, event attendance and promotion, team support and much more.

The owners of SAB, Stefano Baiardi and Enrico Bernabei as well as the owners of BK Designs, Bert and Suzi Kammerer have had a long standing friendship as well as business relationship. Bert and Suzi worked for SAB in the past, Bert himself brings a world of knowledge about SAB products. He has not only worked for SAB in the past, but he has also been a factory pilot since the creation of the SAB Goblin line of helicopters. Suzi Kammerer was also an employee of SAB in the past working with dealers and distributors and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in business finance and management.

SAB USA is located in the town of Eustis, Florida and serves dealers and consumers via BK Designs’ multiple online store and sales channels.